Parents and Teacher Association PTA
It is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in an institution. The PTA is functional at Govt. College Jukhala since the time of its inception in 2007. The PTA membership form is filled at the time of admission for the undergraduate programme with a membership fee of Rs. 200/-. This association works on the following objectives:
1. To bring home and the college in close contact.
2. To promote the welfare of the student and the community.
3. To provide financial assistance to the institution as per circumstances.
4. To promote the development of the institution.
5. To act as link between college administration and the Govt. bodies/ officials.

PTA Office Bearers:
1. President Sh. Ramesh Chand 7018107710
2. Vice President Sh. Prakash Chand 9817143909
3. Secretary Sh. Sudarshan Kumar 9817167118
4. Joint Secretary Smt. Sushama Devi 9318861787
5. Treasurer Sh. Ramesh Chand 9816200160