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Rovers & Rangers

The ‘Rovers & Rangers’ is a voluntary, non-political, educational movement of young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed, in accordance with the purpose, principles and methods conceived by the Founder Lord Baden Powell in 1907. The State Headquarters of the Bharat Scouts and Guides is at Rewalsar, Mandi, H.P.


The purpose of the movement is to contribute to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of local, national and international communities.


The principles are the fundamental laws and beliefs which must be observed when achieving the purpose. They represent a code of conduct which characterises all members of the Movement.

Scouting/Guiding is based upon three broad principles which represent its fundamental laws and beliefs.

They are referred to as: “Duty to God”, “Duty to others” and “Duty to self”.

Duty to God: Adherence to spiritual principles, loyalty to the religion that expresses them and acceptance of the duties resulting there from.

Duty to others: Loyalty to one's country in harmony of local, National and International peace, understanding, and co-operation.

Duty to self: Responsibility for the development of A person should assume responsibility for the development of her own capacities. This is fully in harmony with the educational purpose of the Scout Movement, whose aim is to assist the young person in the full development of potentials - a process which has been called the “unfolding” of the personality.

Poster Making Competetion on Prevention of Drug Abuse organised by Rovers and Rangers
Rovers & Rangers Participated in “TirangaPhery “
Skit performed by Rovers & Rangers On Prevention of Drug Abuse
Rangers participated in “Nipun Testing Camp” at State Headquarter Rewalsar, Mandi