Admission form given inside the prospectus is also available in the College library in case students find it difficult to download from the website. Admissions are open for the session 2023-24 . Students can download Admission form and prospectus under the download link. NSS Enrolment Form 2023-24 Prospectus -cum- Handbook of Information 2023-24 GC Jukhala. Application From 2023-24. Admission/Regular Study Schedule.

Sevottam is an administrative measure to improve the quality of public services in India. It is a framework that seeks to achieve excellence in public service delivery. The term Sevottam comes from the Hindi words “Seva” and “Uttam” and means excellence in service delivery. The citizen-centric approach includes the following components:
• Citizen Charter and Service Standards – Citizen Charter is the document where a public sector organization declares its key services along with delivery timelines and requirements.
• Public Grievances – the receipt, redressal and prevention of grievances.
• Service Delivery Enablers – This includes customer feedback, employee motivation and infrastructure.
Our institution provides the following services for the students under Sevottam:
• The admission process is completed in minimum possible time period.
• The fee is deposited as soon as the merit list is displayed.
• The character certificate is issued within two days.
• The bus pass document is made within one day.
• The library books are issued at the earliest.
• The queries of parents are answered as soon as possible.
• The students can have an access to their record under RTI Act.
Services provided to employees under Sevottam:
• The L.P.C. is provided as per the request of the employee within no time
• The employees are allowed to attend seminar/ conference/ workshops and other career enhancement programmes.
• There is a grievance redressal mechanism for the employees.
• The pay fixation is done at the earliest at the time of promotion.
• Maintenance of proper record/ service book of the employees.
• Total transparency by means of RTI Act 2005.