Admission form given inside the prospectus is also available in the College library in case students find it difficult to download from the website. Admissions are open for the session 2023-24 . Students can download Admission form and prospectus under the download link. NSS Enrolment Form 2023-24 Prospectus -cum- Handbook of Information 2023-24 GC Jukhala. Application From 2023-24. Admission/Regular Study Schedule.



  1. Dr. S.R. Gautam                             Convener                              9418080450

  2. Prof. Punam Bhardwaj                 Member                                 9418114754

  3. Prof. Vandana Sharma                 Member                                 9418024179

  4. Dr. Bhumandar Jaswal                 Member                                 9816391828

  5. Prof. Aarti Negi                              Member                                 9418485112

  6. Dr. Jitender Thakur                       Member                                 9418090329

  7. Mrs. Nirmala Devi                         Member                                 9418490306