Admission form given inside the prospectus is also available in the College library in case students find it difficult to download from the website. Admissions are open for the session 2023-24 . Students can download Admission form and prospectus under the download link. NSS Enrolment Form 2023-24 Prospectus -cum- Handbook of Information 2023-24 GC Jukhala. Application From 2023-24. Admission/Regular Study Schedule.

DSC 1ST Semester 2nd Semester
Physics CORE: Mechanics (PHYS101) TH,PR Core: Electricity Magnetism & EMT Theory (PHYS201) TH,PR
Chemistry CORE: Atomic Structure Bonding,General organic Chemistry & Hydrocarbons (CHEM CC101) TH,PR Core: Chemical engergetics, Equilibria and Functuonal group organic Chemistry (CHEM CC 202) TH,PR
Zoology CORE: Animal Diversity (ZOOL101)TH,PR CORE: Comparative Anatomy & DEV. Development bilogy of vertebrate (ZOOL201) TH,PR
Botany CORE: Biodiversity (Microbes Alge, Fungi, Archegoniates (BOT A101) TH,PR Core: Plant Ecology and Taxonomy (BOTA201) TH,PR
Math CORE: Differential Calculus(MATH101TH) CORE: Differential Equations (MATH201TH)
History CORE: History of india from the earliest time upto 300 ce (HIST101) CORE: History of india from c.300 to 1206 (HIST102)
English DSC1A: Eng. Literature I (ENGL102) DSC1B: Eng Literature 11 (ENGL202)
Geography CORE: Physical Geography(GEOG. GP101CC) CORE: Human Geography(GEOG. GP202CC)
Political science CORE: Introduction to Political Theory (POLS 101) CORE: Indian Government and politics (Pols 102)
Hindi CORE: Hindi Sahitya ka Ithhas(HINDI101) CORE:Madhya kaleen Hindi Kavita (HINDI102)
Music CORE: Theory of Indian Music(General) (Music101)TH, Practical(MUSI101PR) CORE:Theory of Indian Music(General) Biographies) (Musi2034) TH Practical(MUSI203PR)
Economics Core Economics1: Principles of Microeconomics-1(ECON101 Core Economics 11: Principales ofMicroeconomics-11(ECON102)
Commerce CORE: Financial Accounting (BC-1.2) (Businesss Organisation & Management(BC-1.3) (ENGL101) CORE: Business Law (BC-2.2) Business Mathematics &Statistics (BC-2.3) English-11 (ENGL201)
CORE Comp. AECC Environment Science (ENVS2AECC02 English(AECC-2(ENGL203)