Admission form given inside the prospectus is also available in the College library in case students find it difficult to download from the website. Admissions are open for the session 2023-24 . Students can download Admission form and prospectus under the download link. NSS Enrolment Form 2023-24 Prospectus -cum- Handbook of Information 2023-24 GC Jukhala. Application From 2023-24. Admission/Regular Study Schedule.

Parents and Teacher Association PTA

It is a formal organization composed of parents, teachers and staff that is intended to facilitate parental participation in an institution. The PTA is functional at Govt. College Jukhala since the time of its inception in 2007. The PTA membership form is filled at the time of admission for the undergraduate programme with a membership fee of Rs. 300/-. This association works on the following objectives:
1. To bring home and the college in close contact.
2. To promote the welfare of the student and the community.
3. To provide financial assistance to the institution as per circumstances.
4. To promote the development of the institution.
5. To act as link between college administration and the Govt. bodies/ officials.


PTA Office Bearers( 2021-22):

1. President:            Sh. Ravinder Kumar             7018966006

2. Vice President:    Sh. Jeet Ram                       9817066912

3. Secretary:            Prof. Rajender Singh           8219036629

4. Joint Secretary:    Smt. Roop Singh                 7018014830

5. Treasurer:             Prof. Sanjeev Kumar            9805378022

6. Chief Advisor:       Sh. Prem Singh Thakur          8219071909


Old Student Association (OSA)

The old student association was formed on 25/05/2016 to discuss and deliberate on the issues regarding the governance and academics of the college. It is an active body that works in unison with the college administration for the benefit of the institution and the students. The objectives of this association are as following:

  1. To provide an opportunity for the old students of the college to come into contact with their Alma Mater and with one another.
  2. To co-operate with the management for further growth and expansion of the college.
  3. The old students of the college who pay an amount of Rs. 500/- shall be the pattern members and shall remain the members of the association for their life time.
  4. The old students of the college who pay an amount of Rs. 100/- shall be the members and shall have all the privileges of the association for a period of one year.

The old students who would like to be the members of the OSA can apply online or offline by filling the membership form given below.


OSA Office Bearers:

  1. President            Sh. Sunil Kumar                                             9857878231

  2. Vice President     Ms. Samriti Thakur                                        8262004002

  3. Secretary             Prof. Sudarshan Kumar                                 9817167118

  4. Treasurer              Ms. Urmila Devi                                             9625611658