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Equal Opportunity Cell
The equal opportunity cell of our institution ensures that all the students are treated as equal irrespective of religion, caste, class and gender.
Functions of Equal Opportunity Cell:
1. To create socially congenial atmosphere for academic interaction ant the growth of healthy inter personal relationship among the student coming from different social background.
2. To look into the grievances of the weaker section of the society and suggest amicable solution to their problems.
3. To disseminate the information related to scheme and programs for the welfare of socially weaker section.
4. To establish co-ordination with the government and other agencies/ organizations to provide academic and financial resources to the students of disadvantaged groups.
Equal opportunity cell works under the following sub heads:

1. Women Cell

Prof. Punam Bhardwaj Associate Professor of Pol Science
Ms. Namarta Pathania Assistant Prof. English 9418023592
Ms. Vandna Sharma Assistant Prof. Zoology 9418024179
Ms. Aarti Neggi Assistant Prof. Botany 9418485112
Sexual Harassment at work Place
Ms. Punam Bhardwaj Associate Prof. Pol. Science  9418414754
Ms. Namarta Pathania Assistant Prof. English           9418023592
Ms. Vandna Sharma Assistant Prof. Zoology              9418024179
Ms. Aarti Neggi Assistant Prof. Botany                        9418485112
Dr. S.R. Gautam Associate Prof. Geography               9418080450
Mr. Nirmala Devi Supdt.                                                9418490306
Ms. Indari Devi Peon 

2. SC/ST Anti Atrocity Cell
Mr. Ranjeet Kaushal Associate Prof. Chemistry 8219739228
Ms. Aarti Neggi Assistant Prof. Botany 9418485112

3. Grievance Redressal Cell
Prof. Anju Bala Sharma (Principal)

Dr. H.L. Sharma 

Prof. S.R. Gautam 

Prof. Ranjeet kaushal

Prof. Punam Bhardwaj
Mrs. Nirmala Devi (Supdt.)
Mrs. Indari Devi Peon