Principal’s Message

“ Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Aristotle

I am feeling honoured to extend a warm welcome to all the students who are at the threshold of the college life and seeking admission in this institution for the current year. Educational Institutions are temples of learning and enlightenment. Education can yield peace and prosperity only when along with technical skills and objective information, students are equipped with moral ideals, righteous living and spiritual insight. This is a matter of great pleasure that you have chosen this college to acquire knowledge for a productive future and developing a strong character based on virtues.

The motto of our college is budhi gianen shudhayati. . We value every individual in our care and it is our aim to provide the best possible environment in which students can succeed through academic,co- curricular and extracurricular activities which are carried out throughout the year.

We are governed by the norms and principles of our faith and are concerned to introduce the best teaching and learning methods that help the students to channelize their academic potentials for further all round development. We seek to instill in our students a passion for learning that will bring the knowledge and understanding they will need to make a positive contribution to the communities in which they live and work.

As the principal of the college, I shall endeavour to the best of my capacity to turn the dreams of the students into reality and strengthen their future with high academic standards and discipline. May God bless you to scale new heights and reach the zenith of glory.

Dr. Rakesh Bhardwaj