Every effort will be made by the college administration for surging up a conducive and healthy environment in the college . For maintaining discipline the principal can impose fine suspension  or expulsion of any student who is found indulging in such misconduct as listed below:

  1. Anybody found guilty of writing obscenities/ dirty words on black boards walls or furniture.
  2. Raising noise near class rooms or attempting to disturb classes.
  3. Smoking or taking drugs /alcohol/chewing paan/chewing gum/gutkha et, will be subject to a fine of Rs. 100.
  4. To fiddle with the electric installations.
  5. To use unfair means in the examinations.
  6. To bring outsiders to the campus is strictly prohibited and it may attract heavy fines rustication and even expulsion.
  7. TO paste notice hand bill pamphlets or notices on the walls of buildings can cause fines/ rustication etc.
  8. Ragging is banned in the institution and any act of ragging will be severely dealt with Ragging implies harassment / physical or mental torture by a student or a group of students to another student. Any student found associated in such activities will be guilty of gross misconduct and it can cause his /her.
  9. Expulsion from the college.
  10. Suspension from the classes.
  11. Fine with a public apology.
  12. Withholding scholarships or other benefits.
  13. Debarring from the representation in events.
  14. Suspension or expulsion from hosted or mess.
  15. Legal proceeding s under criminal law shall be initiated , It includes imprisonments for a term which may extend for three years or with fine which may extend to Rs. 50,000 or with both.